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Wool Labs

I'm a huge fan of Wool Labs and have been pushing hard for an investment in this startup for quite some time.. I think the fund is getting close as we've seen them organically grow this business into cash flow positive completely organically, and I think the time is right for a cash infusion and a major expansion/ramp up.

Wool Labs is a startup based outside of Philadelphia, PA that essentially has created the ultimate "spider" (I use quotes because they really have a spider on steroids) that crawls almost (I say almost because there are some technology hurdles there) the entire internet (and I mean entire) and with a natural language parser can pull out sentiment from every social network, forum, blog, discussion group, etc. on the internet.

Overnight Wool Labs can break down how exactly the "Internet" feels about your product on its own or in relationship with others.  I can imagine a scenario shortly where Brand Managers can monitor almost in real time how certain campaigns are being received!  Oh, and throw on top of that the ability to monitor in geographic as well as demographic (hey its your own fault for putting so much out there on the internet) terms and break down sentiment at those levels as well.

Imagine the FDA with this tool in their hands, they could monitor almost in real time for "Patient Zero" instead of "Patient 350".  Big Pharma would almost be forced to adopt this tool on a universal basis in order to stay one step ahead of the FDA and their investigations and possible fines.

Are they the next Google? No probably not since they are not really in that business.  Search is in itself its own animal.  This is not the next Search Engine but rather completely turns Marketing and Advertising on its head and the companies that are smart and agile and understand how to use these tools will gain a huge competitive advantage over their slower and dumber rivals that have to wait 10 to 30 days for traditional campaign reporting. 

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