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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my all time favorite games is the original Deus Ex.  Almost overlooked when released by the controversial Ion Storm in 2000.  Designed by Warren Spector and Harvey Smith, DX was an amazing blend of RPG and FPS that in my mind set in motion the concept of "sand box" or "open world" type games.  Though ultimately linear DX was able to present multiple paths to multiple outcomes better than many games before.

Anyway I can wax poetically about DX for every but I found this section at PC Gamer interesting.  They had a DX week and a bunch of really good articles and interviews.  Well worth a read if your a fan of DX or if your a new fan who has just recently found out about the new DX3 that is being released.

Talking to some folks at E3 it sounds like the new DX has a really good chance at being a worthy sequel to DX which makes me beyond happy!


Also check out the HD Trailer of DX: Human Revolution if you haven't yet. Still weird to see the Square/Enix logo 0_o


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